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Since the first Cape Dorset Print Collection was released 63 years ago, the  community of Kinngait, this country, and the whole world have witnessed many radical changes, upheavals, and life-altering phenomena. Kinngait Studios  remains the longest running print studio in Canada, while continuing to maintain the highest standard of printmaking excellence.

While the traditional styles and subjects of Kinngait printmaking are still popular among collectors, Inuit artists are becoming increasingly interested in creating art that reflects today’s reality in the Arctic. In this collection of 34 prints by 15 artists, we have a diverse array of themes and techniques that showcase each artist’s individual voice.

Kinngait Studios has developed extraordinarily from the first experimental prints pulled in the 1950’s to the notable work of many Inuit artists now recognized on the international stage. This year, Shuvinai Ashoona’s fantastical work was exhibited at the 59th Venice Biennale, Qavavau Manumie’s drawings were included in major exhibitions in Poland and South Korea, and a feature article in the New York Times – “Making Art on Top of the World” – highlighted the success of Kinngait as the Inuit art capital of the world.  (adapted from Dorset Fine Arts)

Each print is an edition of 50.

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