Kakee was born in Iqaluit but moved to Cape Dorset in 1993. He began carving at the age of 16 and although he is self-taught, he also learned by watching other carvers. His father, Ningeosiak Peter, and his mother, Parnee Peter are both sculptors in Cape Dorset. Kakee’s grandfather, the late Jamasie Teevee was a well-known graphic artists.


May 1991
Inuit Music in Art: Singing & Dancing & Playing
Feheley Fine Arts Toronto, Ontario, Canada

November – December 1995
Miniaturen Inuit Galerie Mannheim, Germany

February – April 1997 Stone & Bone
The Inuit Master Carvers of the Canadian Arctic
The North West Company held at Sun Valley Center for the Arts and
Humanities Ketchum, Idaho, U.S.A.

October, 2010 Arctic Wind III: An Expression of Survival
Coastal Peoples Gallery Vancouver, British Columbia

January, 2012 Small Treasures
Inuit Gallery of Vancouver Vancouver, BC


$1,200.00 $1,200.00



21.25 x 25 x 7.5 cm

2.3 kg

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