Unlike other assets, art is unique for it is displayed and not locked away in a vault. The display of art is subject to the art collector’s personal tastes in their desire to express their appreciation of a work of art. This personal expression is greatly enhanced when the framing of a print or a drawing is completed by a professional framer. A professional framer brings considerable value to your art because of the craftsmanship they possess and the quality of materials they use when framing.

We always recommend a print or drawing be professionally framed as if where to hang in aN art gallery or museum. This level or standard of framing is known as “conservation level” framing simply because high quality materials (e.g. frame, glass and matting) are used to effectively display the art and to protect it against mould, insects, heat and humidity, light and UV rays, and air pollution. In the case of Inuit prints and original drawings, a variety of exquisite papers are used in the creative process which are extremely delicate and fragile. To preserve them against the aforementioned environmental risks, a quality frame will keep the art close to its original condition. Like antiques and other collectibles, art in its original condition contributes to the appreciation of the art over the long term.

Professional Framing Enhances a Beautiful Print.

Look how a professionally customized frame makes this Inuit print magnificent!

Here is an image of a print that was recently purchased from Nanooq Inuit Art and framed at McMaster Gallery in Dundas, Ontario. It is highly representative of the work of a professional framer. Precise, clean joints; the use of conservation, anti-glare glass and; simple but elegant selection of the colours and style of the matting and frame, are the hallmarks of a professional framer. In this case, the framer employed old world craftsmanship with  “state of the art” materials to custom frame the print. This balance of old and new, brings great value to your art for years to come.

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